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Lumen Ryder Core is a tactical-lite, flavour-heavy tokusatsu tabletop role-playing game for 3-6 players where you play as masked superheroes and their eclectic group of allies battling an evil organization.

Created by Samuel Mui, its rulings centre around a d6 dice pool system built on the LUMEN engine and prioritize a monster-fighting experience chocked with narrative flair and frantic cinematic descriptions that would make your inner 8-year old happy.

It is inspired by tokusatsu works like Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Samurai Flamenco, Metal Hero, and Spiderman. 


  • An incredibly simple and easy to learn 3-stat resolution system that uses d6s built on the LUMEN engine by Spencer Campbell.
  • Action-packed, tokusatsu combat akin to smashing action figures together as they dish out wacky special attacks with absurdly stylish weapons - a true power fantasy fit for 8-year olds all around the world!
  • Level up your Ryders with badass new forms, each one more powerful and decked out than the last! 
  • Team up with Allies who wield the power to turn the tide of battle through strategy and emotional support, whether as hot scientists, grizzled mentors, or “friendly” kaijin!
  • A point-based Investigation System inspired by the Gumshoe Engine where you use skills like Fashion Knowledge, Archaeology, Gaming, and Speaking Your Heart to discover your enemy’s true weaknesses.
  • Lots and lots and lots of character options! LUMEN RYDER CORE boasts over 30 generation tables for creating your own unique Ryders and Allies - including tables for everything from your blood type, to your fears and motivations, and to your weapons (gun-chucks anyone?)
  • A kaijin generator with over 1000 possible combinations of archetypes, resistances, and special attacks.
  • A customizable setting creation and episode play guide which will help gamemasters, both new and experienced, to run and create their own kaijin-hunting tokusatsu adventures. From surgeons summoning the power of ancient gods to high school kids travelling through time, Lumen Ryder Core can do it all!


As part of ZIMO 2022, LUMEN RYDER CORE is Itchfunding in order to raise money needed to make sure that it becomes the best game it can be. As of current, the beta ashcan only contains the most basic version of the ruleset.

Thanks to the help of "Mutual RPGs", funding for LUMEN RYDER CORE’s art and layout are already set in place. HOWEVER, we will need YOUR HELP to create supplements for Lumen Ryder settings inspired by Jane Austen, urban asian slice-of-life, and Old-School Fantasy Dungeon crawling. If fully funded, these stretch goals will provide 144 pages of gut-punchingly awesome content!

Support Lumen Ryder Core to expand the Ryderverse and make it the game it should be!

    • In Regency Era Britain, young eligible bachelors and debutantes seek to further their families’ standings through marriage and duels in steam-powered Ryder suits. 
    • Lumen Ryder Austen: Pride and Prehistory is a 32-page Regency Drama supplement containing all-new powers, forms, kaijin, and rules for courtship. It’s the tokusatsu Jane-Austen battle royale/dating sim of your dreams.
    • In present-day Capital City, a ragtag team of urban asian young adults fuse their bodies with half-angelic Seraphites to fight against an onslaught of monsters born from human sin while struggling with their own self-destructive impulses.
    • Lumen Ryder Capitalites is a 32-page Urban Horror supplement containing all-new powers, forms, kaijin, and rules for interpersonal drama! Compatible with capitalites: the urban asian roleplaying game
  • $1100 - ARTIST PAY RAISE
    • Our beloved artist gets a pay raise for all their incredible work!
    • Team up and get big to defeat evil! Lumen Ryder Squadron is a 32-page supplement that provides new rulings for ALL-RYDER team combat with giant-sized battles inspired by Super Sentai and Ultraman. 
    • Our beloved artist gets another pay raise!
  • $2600 -  LUMEN RYDER D+D
    • When portals to a “Dungeon Universe” appear in the human world, eager opportunists start venturing into them in search of treasure only to return as twisted monsters. It is now up to a group of dancers to harness the power of rhythm and movement  and close the portals by defeating the bosses lurking within their crypts.
    • Lumen Ryder Dungeons + Dance is a 48-page  Fantasy Dungeon Crawling supplement containing all-new powers, forms, kaijin, and rulings for old-school style dungeon delving.

Print Pre-Orders will be available on the PlusOneExp store soon.


  • $5 Basic Form: Beta Ashcan
    • Receive access to the Beta Ashcan at this tier in both PDF and EPUB formats + 1 Community Copy 
    • The final version of the Beta Ashcan will only contain the most basic rules for the game and will have no illustrations.

  • $15 Super Form: Full Digital Copy
    • Receive access to the full  Digital Zine Release in both PDF and EPUB formats + all funded supplements + access to the Beta Ashcan + 3 Community Copies
  • $80 Final Form: Journey Across the Ryderverse SOLD OUT!
    • Become part of an infinitely expanding multiverse of Ryders and create your very own Ryder or Kaijin! Your design will be illustrated by our artist Ju5t07.
    • Also includes access to the full  Digital Zine Release in both PDF and EPUB formats + all funded supplements + access to the Beta Ashcan + 10 Community Copies 


“LUMEN RYDER is a perfect encapsulation in experiencing your favorite “Karate Bugman” shows firsthand, from the bewildering surprise at disparate themes each new season brings in expertly crafted rollable tables, deceptively complex and clever character generation, fast and flashy combat that fits right at home in the Lumen system, all rolled into one handy little book that you wanna put in your belt and shout HENSHIN!”

Ditey (she/it), Artist and Tokusatsu Giga-Fan

“I really love LUMEN RYDER! The game kicks off with a bang at character creation. The random tables provide laughs and plenty of exciting ideas for further play. The game facilitates a strong team identity from the beginning that pulls you right in. 10/10 would recommend!”

Raphael Falk (he/him),Game Designer

"LUMEN RYDER is both a love letter to Kamen Rider and an invitation to dive deep into the deep pool of creativity and human connection at its heart. It really revs the motors, it powers my turbines, charges my kicks and hens my shins"

Aaron Lim (he/him), Game Designer

"LUMEN RYDER is unhinged in the best way, taking the wildest concepts and putting them together in a mixture of chaos that works so well. The character creation is where I found myself having the most fun, the character creation has a wide variety of tables that makes every session different. It makes character creation go smoothly and ensures a unique concept for your character by the end."

Tina Marcos a.k.a. Sweet Cyanide (she/they), Game Designer and Artist


Lead Designer: Samuel Mui (he/any)

Layout Artist: Alyssa Yeo (she/her)

Character/Cover Artist (Lumen Ryder Core):  "Ju5t07"

Kaijin Artist (BioSpyder and BioBat, Lumen Ryder Core): Sarah Carapace (she/her)

Editor: "The Third Joe"

General Production / Store Page Art: “Mutual RPGs”

"Mutual RPGs a mutual aid support project organized by Plus One Exp."


Join our Mailing List for updates on the project and sneak peeks of future expansions.


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interviews/actual plays


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Lumen Ryder Core - the COMBAT UPDATE (v3.3.5 Release Document)

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To be eligible you must have already purchased the Beta Ashcan version of the game for $5+.

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Receive access to the full  Digital Zine Release in both PDF and EPUB formats + all funded supplements + access to the Beta Ashcan + 3 Community Copies

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Final Form: Journey Across the Ryderverse

Become part of an infinitely expanding multiverse of Ryders and create your very own Ryder or Kaijin! Your design will be illustrated by our artist Ju5t07.

Also includes access to the full  Digital Zine Release in both PDF and EPUB formats + all funded supplements + access to the Beta Ashcan + 10 Community Copies

Download demo

Help Sheet (v3.3.5.2) - Combat Update
Ryder Playsheet (v3.3.5.2) - Combat Update
Ally Playsheet (v3.3.5.2) - Combat Update
Worldbuilding Sheet (v3.3.5.2) - Combat Update

Development log


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Update?, please


Heyyo, sorry for the lack of updates for a long while as I’ve been busy with a large amount of personal and professional responsibilities (and some turbulent life changes).

Rest assured, this game is still very much being worked on - ESPECIALLY the Austen supplement and some technical writing/editing.

Really sorry about this, I’ll be making an update within the next few months.

Won’t leave ya’ll in the dark for long

Any updates friend?

Is this still being made?


Yep! I’ve just posted a progress update post


WOOT! Yours has been so far my favorite adaptation of Lumen rules. I only have the free edition so that's why I might be out of the loop. 

Anyway, great news this is ongoing. I seriously can't wait to play it. 


Mui surprised me by saying that Lumen Ryder is ultimately not a system about combat, but instead one that uses combat as an expression of personality and identity. And if you dig into the themes, mechanics, and tokusatsu’s history of selling toys to children, I think they’re right. 

that’s hot

That's the Lumen Core at work, not Lumen Ryder

Deleted 1 year ago

Yep! Currently, the ashcan is the only accessible part of the game and I have no plans to update it as of now. There will be more content coming soon with more versatile and robust character creation and combat systems.

If you have purchased the BASIC FORM tier and wish to upgrade to a SUPER FORM tier to access the full game when it comes out, I will be setting up another store page for that (seeing as itch.io doesn’t really support pledge changes).


Hey! Amazing game! I have a question though, do players create one ally and one ryder each or they chose in between ryder or ally?


you can choose between Ryder or Ally but there must always be at least one of each in a party of 2 or more players


Thanks for the reply, can't wait to see the final version!!!


Will the upcoming print copies come with a digital copy as well, or would they be separate purchases?


Absolutely, that’s part of the plan in case you need a copy for digital referencing and such


Awesome, glad to hear it!

I'm not super familiar with itch fundraising, is there a deadline? I don't have the money now but when I'm paid I'd like to get the full copy.


So the fun part about itchfunding is that you can still buy the game after it’s over as it will be available on this very store page!

there’s no hard deadline to get the game

Oh cool, thanks!


I don't expect this project to be complete soon (it may very well take into next year perhaps, figuring layout is quite a process) however my anticipation is killing me! I can't help but ask how long till the final version? 

Nice!! We’ll aim to be finished with Lumen Ryder Core by fall or winter along with hopefully the Capitalites and Austen supplements!

(1 edit)

Im sure everyone would want the core rules of Ryder Core first, no rush for the supplements

Keep an eye out! I’ll be releasing a huge chunk of the core rules this month

THIS MONTH!!?? ヽ(°〇°)ノ

What happened to the teaser saying Lumen Ryder would come out the 14th of September?

I’m genuinely sorry for this. I had to change the date from the 14th to the 21st but accidentally sent the wrong, unedited email before my flight.

This is all on me, I apologize. Please bear with me for one more week as I get my immigration stuff sorted and finalize the edits to the update.


Hi! Is there any way to purchase this with a card rather than PayPal?


itchio currently only allow payment via Paypal and Stripe, but both can be linked to a card!

Itch supports buying by card, its how I buy everything


If I am unable to support this campaign at the moment, are the funded supplements going to be made available at a later date? Because Regency Era Tokusatsu is a crossover I never knew I needed.


YEP the funded supplements will definitely be available down the road. Hope you’re prepared bc we’re pulling out all the stops for Austen!


Really looking forward to see how this project goes :)
Glad I snagged the last Final Form Level ^-^

I'm curious if it has any rules or concepts related to the early or final Samurai Flamenco plotlines? I enjoyed the littering,  trash, umbrella, and earnest heart to heart conflicts though I could see those being outside the scope of the game.


You could definitely pull those off with our Drama phases easily. The character creation process gives you a lot character traits and details to play with and you could honestly play a whole episode doing mundane, slice of life shit before getting deep into the tokusatsu absurdity

I fully took note of the fact that tokusatsu shows are always 60% soap opera before anything else

That is excellent to hear! I am excited!


This looks awesome! I will definitely try to run it for my friends.

Nice! Let me know if you have questions before running it or if you need any kinda assistance - esp if you find any part of the beta ashcan rough to parse

Will do Sam, thank you.

Best of luck on all of your projects, Sam and team!