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The Dining Table Adventures of Richard and Mortimer is a tabletop roleplaying game for 5 players about a family attempting to confront their toxic and manipulative patriarch over a meal. The game is played with 5 players, one for each character.

Note: This game does not take place within the events displayed in the tv series, but is indeed canon within the infinite number of universes in the “Rick And Morty” multiverse.


CONTENT WARNING: This game contains realistic depictions of toxic family relationships, gaslighting, emotional manipulation, and abuse - specifically by a father/patriarch figure.


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Tagsconversational, drama, family, Fangame, lyric, micro-rpg, rick-and-morty, serious, Tabletop, trauma


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Hi Babblegumsam! Heard about this game from your friend Alyssa. I'm really interested in trying it out with my friends. This also sounds like a really good theatre game for character building.

I do have one question though, how does the dice betting work exactly? The concept is interesting but the mechanics of the game still confuse me a bit.

Thank you!



Greetings Amirul, the dice mechanic is a simple bet dice and who rolls higher and has the floor for the round of conversation.

If you’re looking for using as a theatre exercise with no fuzzy dice rolling to break up the flow, I’d recommend that you can drop the dice altogether and just use the Moves themselves to do pure improv which really is still at the heart of roleplaying.