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This game is completely and infallibly APOLITICAL (despite the title). If I hear ANYONE talk shit about this game is “trying to make a point” or “a product of postmodern, liberal satire” I will be forced to out-finance you in the marketplace of free ideas. 


Look here son, let’s be real. You’ve played almost every “edgy” and “offensive” game for HORRIBLE people and they’re not hitting the same way anymore.

See here babycakes, you want, no NEED, a game that’s “despicable” and “awkward” for you and your friends. Something that’ll make even the loosest of cannons blush.

Well this game is definitely for you!

Gaze upon this marvel of anti-lyrical, oldboy-friendly game design which is perfectly designed to mull on the viewpoints of both sides and create an authentically terrible experience which will make all games “against humanity” look like they’re *cackles* FOR HUMANITY.


CONTENT WARNING: Centrism, personal attacks, reference to Nazis,  edginess,  rude language, other bullshit


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finally a game for me and all of my NON-SNOWFLAKE BUDDIES who can TELL IT LIKE IT REALLY IS without having to worry about HURTING ANYONE'S FEELINGS or having a SAFE SPACE to CRY

(i cannot in good conscience post this comment without making sure that I that I'm being incredibly sarcastic and just going along with the bit. this is honestly a fun and cathartic read for anyone who is just so fucking done with centrists and their bullshit)